No Frame

30 minutes $48.00

60minutes $68.00

90minutes $85.00

Deep Tissue add-on $10.00

60 min. massage plus Detoxifying Wrap $ 100.00

Reflexology 30 min $30.00

Pregnancy Massage 1 hr $70.00

Hot Stone Massage 90 min $93.00

*Heated stones stimulate the energy pathway along the spine to relax the nervous system- warmth, relaxation, rejuvenation!

Pillossage 30 min


Our bodies take the abuse of a hectic lifestyle. The stress and tension of

everyday living settles in our muscles. That is where the healing power of

touch comes in. Because of the intimate nature of these services,

communicating your needs and expectations to the therapist is

imperative. The time is yours, make it count.

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Massage Therapy